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Ho`okahi Pu`uwai

Feb. 25, 2018

Must Read:

OHA turmoil: Lawyer King says audit compels voters to oust CEO, Trustees

                    CEO Kamana’opono Crabbe addresses supporters at a press conference


Ho`okahi Pu`uwai

Feb.  , 2018 - Part 5


Ho`okahi Pu`uwai

Feb.12 - Part 4

I copied this post from Adam Keawe Manalo-Camp who posted it on February 9 at 10:44pm

It is a great article because it tells of a very important time and a very special woman in our history! Mahalo Adam!

Today marks the birthday of Princess Ruth Keanolani Kauanahoahoa Keʻelikōlani. I almost always post something on her birthday, so much so that certain women's groups on FB copy and paste what I write without crediting me. For this birthday, I thought I'd talk about money.

When Captain Cook arrived in Hawai'i in 1778, Hawai'i did not have a concept of capitalism. Hawaiians understood bartering and the idea of accumulating wealth. But for Hawaiians wealth was measured not by how much one had horded but by how much wealth and favors one could give to their followers and to the larger community. The first Western style building built by Kamehameha I was a storage facility. He stored goods and dry foods in order that it could be given out eventually to people who were of service. Land ownership was totally alien to the Hawaiian psyche because how could one own one's own mother, Papahānaumoku? So when the foreign merchants and the American missionaries came in, Hawaiians were already at an disadvantage. The Hawaiian aliʻi themselves after the Great Mahele were land rich but cash poor and had little idea on how to "profit" from land other than leasing it out. Land traditionally was not for "profit" but the foreign population coveted Hawaiian land at the same time that 90% of the Hawaiian population was dying from measles, smallpox, malaria, and Hansenʻs disease.

Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani broke a lot of stereotypes that not only foreigners had but Hawaiians themselves had of themselves. She had two fathers, one of whom was Mataio Kekūanaōʻa who was the father of the Kings Kamehameha IV and V. She had two fathers because her mother had multiple conjugal unions or "husbands" and two of her husbands shared paternity with Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani. In Western eyes, this was an odd arrangement but among traditional aliʻi, this was not that uncommon. Princess Ruth inherited a lot of her strength and strong will from all of her parents. She grew up as a Calvinist like all of the aliʻi of that era and she had private tutors. Her first husband and her great love was William Pitt Leleiohōkū I and when he passed away she eventually married Isaac Young Davis. Davis proved too much for her to handle and there were allegations that he was verbally and physically abusive. He allegedly was also dependent on her financially and she did not like that. She divorced him and her public divorce was the first major divorce case among the aliʻi. While she did not marry again, she adopted the brother of King Kalākaua, William Pitt Leleiohōkū II and was the godmother to Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani. During her second marriage, she also got into an accident which left her disfigured and with spinal and knee problems for the rest of her life.

After the divorce, Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani pulled herself into the business world with great acumen. She had stocks and landholdings not only in Hawaiʻi but also in British Canada and the US. Her wealth at one time was at par with the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. Her home, Keoua Hale, was twice the size of ʻIolani Palace with a larger garden. ʻIolani Palaceʻs grounds is about 11 acres. Keoua Hale was 23+ acres. There were only two Hawaiians who had bank accounts with the Rothchild Bank--the King and her. At one time, her real estate holdings in Hawaiʻi alone was about 1/10 of the entire archipelago. She owned factories, plantations, shipping lines and funded settlements overseas. She proved that when given the resources and drive, Hawaiians could not only understand capitalism but master it. And she was a single woman controlling a financial empire across the Pacific. She was not only land rich but liquid asset rich due to her investments in the emerging markets of Canada and the US. She brokered business deals in her own name and sued in her own name. Railroads and publicinfrastructure projects on the Island of Hawaiʻi during her time as governor was basically co-financed by through private-public initiatives brokered by her when the national government took too long to approve a particular project or budget while at the same time, the government retained overall control of these projects in a majority sharing. So she also used her business acumen to get projects done on the Big Island while ensuring the public interest. She was in many ways one of the first Hawaiian female CEOs.

At the same time, she was also distinctively Hawaiian. She conducted her affairs in Hawaiian. though she spoke English well enough, she once remarked to Claus Spreckels that if Americans expect people to speak in English if they would spend a length of time there, then Hawaiians should expect people to speak in Hawaiian. She was appointed as governor of the Island of Hawaiʻi and gave offerings to Pele to stop lava flow from reaching Hilo. She also helped to finance underground hula masters and kahuna. While Keoua Hale (which was where Central Middle School is today) was done as a French chateau, she served Hawaiian food. She wore the fashions of Europe, the silks of China and traditional Hawaiian attire depending on the occasion. While she had the wealth and the luxuries of the West, she was unapologeticaly Hawaiian. When she passed away in 1883, she died in a traditional Hawaiian pili grass house surrounded only by strong Hawaiian women (i.e. Princess Bernice Pauahi, Queen Dowager Emma, Princess Liliʻuokalani, etc) who were there to keep watch at her death bed. Her great fear towards the end was that the United States would take over Hawaiʻi and Hawaiians would be reduced to "beggars on their own land". One of the reasons why she accumulated so much wealth was the thought that no matter the political future, her wealth would eventually be used to help Hawaiians in some way or form.

Her vast empire was eventually left to her cousin, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop who then used it to found Kamehameha Schools keeping in mind the hope that Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani had for her wealth. Without the assets left by Princess Ruth Keʻelikōlani, Kamehameha Schools would not have been the multibillion dollar estate that it is today. Keoua Hale, the symbol of wealthy Hawaiian female businesswoman was eventually inherited by Charles Reed Bishop (the American husband of Princess Bernice Pauahi) who donated it to the Territorial Government and thus was born Central (Honolulu) Grammar School and then Central Middle School.

Here is an addendum to this story: When Bernice Pau`ahi died, her husband, Charles Reed Bishop inherited everything! It made him the richest man in Hawai`i! He could've just stayed in San Francisco and retire there! Read about what he did Because he loved and wanted to honor Bernice Pauahi; he also, loved Hawai`i and Hawaiians!

Please go to and read about what he did! Mahalo!


Ho`okahi Pu`uwai
(With One Heart - coined by Palani Vaughn)

February 11, 2018

Part 3

Today, I decided to write about the controversy on Kaua’i regarding the land on which the Coco Palms Hotel sits . . .

It’s kind of sad, really, that most Hawaiians don’t know their own history! Kaua’i became part of King Kamehameha’s “unification” of these Islands when the King of Kaua’i, Kaumuali’i, surrendered it to Kamehameha!

Now, Kaua’i belonged to Kamehameha! Even further down the road, Queen Ka’ahumanu took Kaumuali’i and his son as her husbands, making her their heir!

When the Monarchy was overthrown, ONLY the CEDED (Monarchy) lands were taken and became part of The Territory of Hawai’i!

When Coco Palms was first built, Mr. Guslander leased the land from the State who shared the ownership of the ceded lands with the US!

“Our land was stolen” is a constant cry we hear from Activists!

NOTE: when Kamehameha “unified” these Islands, ALL OF HAWAI’I belonged to him! This means the most of us are descendants of the “Defeated” people in Hawai’i! Our land was never taken because only Kamehameha and his descendants owned the land! Only the MONARCHY’S LAND WAS TAKEN!

How can we lose something that was never ours? We should realize that there are, basically, 2 types of Hawaiians: Kamehameha Hawaiians and the “rest of us”, descendants of the DEFEATED!

Personally, I am grateful, everyday, that I am Hawaiian and is, also, an American citizen! All you have to do is look at the other Polynesian countries that still have Monarchies or are owned by a foreign power! We could’ve been PART OF RUSSIA, JAPAN, ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, etc! They all, at one time, wanted Hawai’i!! Think about it!

I have decided on submitting "My Opinion" regarding the "Right Hawaiian History" since King Kamehameha! Why? I am part of what I call "The Silent Majority"! "Hawaiians" are outnumbered 4 to 1 by "Non-Hawaiians in Hawai`i! However, what I refer to as "The Vocal Minority" seems to have more of a voice in the news, TV, social media, etc.! This is fine because we ALL should be able to voice our opinions! My only complaint is that whatever we say or believe should be based on fact and the truth!

Ho`okahi Pu`uwai - "With One Heart" (this phrase was given to me by Palani Vaughn)

February 9, 2018 -Part 2

In Part 1, I mentioned how Kamehameha, his Ali`i and Warriors owned ALL of the land in Hawai`i! Simply stated, EVERYTHING was his, the land, the people, the assets, etc., etc., etc.!! Over 90% of the people of these Islands were the "Defeated"! This means, the Defeated, the survivors had nothing! NO LAND! NO RESOURCES! NO POSSESSIONS! A lot even lost their spouses, children, families!

Look around, especially in the "High Rent" areas of these Islands and see who owns the land - who are in partnership or sold the land to the developers! Most of it goes directly back to Kamehameha and his descendants and associations! It is time that we all realize that the "Ceded Lands" that were taken did NOT belong to the rest of us! Note: A lot of this land was returned to the State!!

Back to the Anniversary of the Overthrow and opening day of the Legislature! One statement that was repeated over and over was: I AM HAWAIIAN! I VOTE! I AM NOT AMERICAN!! Don't these people realize that one of the reasons they can say things like this and protest, is because THEY ARE AMERICANS!!

After Kamehameha died and up to the Overthrow of the Monarchy, the Monarchy was weak and only seemed to care about their own welfare and pleasure! Is it any wonder that "Non Hawaiians" started running Hawai`i and its economy? It was also during this time, that the other races: Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, as well as some Kanaka Maoli seized opportunities and thrived, also?

Is it any wonder that when Queen Liliuokalani decided that she wanted to "reinstate" the Monarchy and take over control of these Islands that the majority of the the people in Hawai`i, said NO?? Remember that the Non-Hawaiians (not just Whites) outnumbered Hawaiians 4 to 1!!

Note: Did you know that most Kanaka Maoli did NOT want Liliuokalani as Queen, but wanted Queen Emma instead? Why? Kalakaua was not supposed to be King - he was ELECTED and was NOT in line to inherit, by blood, the throne.

When Kamehameha was, finally, King of all Hawai`i, we realized a time of peace and prosperity! This was true, especailly, when Kamehameha was alive . . . the Monarchy started to go downhill after he died! Sugar started to thrive! Non-Hawaiians began to buy land, build businesses and start new lives!


I have decided on submitting "My Opinion" regarding the "Right Hawaiian History" since King Kamehameha! Why? I am part of what I call "The Silent Majority"! "Hawaiians" are outnumbered 4 to 1 by "Non-Hawaiians in Hawai`i! However, what I refer to as "The Vocal Minority" seems to have more of a voice in the news, TV, social media, etc.! This is fine because we ALL should be able to voice our opinions! My only complaint is that whatever we say or believe should be based on fact and the truth!

Ho`okahi Pu`uwai - "With One Heart" (this phrase was given to me by Palani Vaughn)

February 7, 2018


Last month was the Anniversary of the Overthrow of Queen Lili’uokalani and the Hawaiian Monarchy! It was also the opening day of the Legislature! What a contrast in agendas and speeches! After hearing some of the voices coming from the Palace and what they were saying, I was amazed at was being said!

For some reason, several of the brightest and most educated “native Hawaiians” are leading others down a path based on complete misinformation! This is the reason that I decided to write this piece . . .

First and foremost is the fact that “activists” never mention King Kamehameha and what he did just a few years earlier! Couldn't this, also, fall under the category of an "Illegal Overthrow"? In fact, it was not only "Illegal" it was downright BRUTAL, killing THOUSANDS!!

Kamehameha killed THOUSANDS of Hawaiians in his quest to “unite” these Islands! As a “warrior king” his main interest in conquering opposing Ali`i was to increase his own “mana”! He, also, would acquire the land and resources of the defeated Ali’i!

Although he controlled most of the Big Island, Kamehameha was not successful, previously, in adding Mau`i, O’ahu and the other islands! It wasn’t until he captured two English seaman, Davis and Young, that he became successful . . . The rest is history,

Did you know that Kamehameha made both Davis & Young Ali`i Nui? John Young was Ali`i Nui to most of the Big Island and it remained that way until he died in his 90’s!

With the help of Davis & Young Kamehameha now ruled all of Hawai`i! Everything was now his and that of his Ali`i and warriors! Today, over 200 years later, Kamehameha's descendants and others who where given or bought land from the Monarchy still own and control most of the private land in Hawai`i . . .

Those of our ancestors from Mau`i, O`ahu, Molokai, Lana`i, Kaua`i & Ni`ihau were the “defeated” and lost everything!


Nov. 13, 2017

I posted this on, this morning in response to this article -

It still amazes me that "educated" people still make decisions, comments, etc. on facts that are NOT based on historical truths!

1. We are ALL "settlers"! The "indigenous people", who were here first, lived in Hawai`i for HUNDREDS of years before the Tahitian immigration! They were conquered, subdued, tortured, used as slaves and human sacrifice for almost 1,000 years!

2. The Hawai`i that we seem to remember is the Hawai`i AFTER Queen Ka`ahumanu did away with the Kapu System (before the missionaries came)! This was followed, almost immediately, by most Hawaiians becoming Christians after the missionaries arrived! Christianity was welcomed because it's God was a more gentle and forgiving One! Plus, the Monarchy became Christians, too!

3. Everyone seems to think that all of the Hawaiians were ONE! Not true . . . Kaua`i was definitely, different from O`ahu and Mau`i. They not only had a different dialect, but also, were different physically!

4. It is known fact that Kamehameha, and a lot of the Big Island, descended from Samoan Chiefs!

5. Kamehameha was the CONQUERER! Most of us are descendants of the DEFEATED Ali`i!
Which means that we had NO land, NO rights, etc. We are still under his legacy! Look around at who owns or controls most of the private land in these Islands. They are either direct descendants of Kamehameha or were connected through marriage to kin of Kamehameha!

6. There are those who want the US to return the land that they "stole" . . . shouldn't this land go back to those who "owned" it? Rightfully, it should go to the "last entity" that owned it, the Monarchy! The last of the "Monarchy" are the descendants of James Campbell and the Campbell Estate!

7. Shouldn't this apply, also, to those descendants whose ancestors owned the land before Kamehameha took it away? How about the descendants of the "indigenous people"?

8. Illegal occupation by the US? Isn't the US, ALL of us! In our democracy, the majority rules! Non Hawaiians, with ties to the past, outnumber those with Hawaiian blood by 4 to 1!

9. The first Constitution of Hawai`i, welcomes ALL to these Islands because "We are all of one blood"! It seems to me that ALL of us born and raised in Hawai`i, especially those whose ancestors were here 100, or so, years are Hawaiians regardless of blood quantum!

Enough said,

Al Gonzales


Nov. 11, 2017:

A couple of years ago, I posted this video! It created a lot of discussions - some against, most were supportive!

Remember, now, MOST of us born and raised in Hawai`i DO NOT have Hawaiian blood! At the time of the OVERTHROW, in 1893, the ratio was 4 (non Hawaiian) to 1! Most of the people wanted to be part of the US and NOT the Monarchy!

A couple of points that I didn't cover in this video:
1 - MOST of us with Hawaiian blood are descendants of the defeated Ali`i!
2 - this means we did NOT have land or anything, period! We were at the mercy of Kamehameha, his Ali`i and his warriors!
3 - We are still under his legacy! Look around at who owns most of the land, especially in the high rent areas on O`ahu: Waikiki, Kaka`ako, Ewa, Kapolei, Ko`olina, etc.
4 - In 1893, the United States took the CEDED lands ONLY! No other land was taken, just the Monarchy's land!
5 - The Great Mahele alloted for a third of the land in Hawai`i to be bought - 1/3 was the Monarchy - another 1/3 was allotted to Kamehameha's Ali`i, Kahuna, etc.!
6 - When it was over approximately 90% of that 1/3 of land was bought and owned by NON-HAWAIIANS!!
7 - REPARATIONS and the return of STOLEN LANDS would go back to the "MONARCHY"! The Monarchy, as we know it, are Kamehameha's descendants who are part of the CAMPBELL ESTATE!

Think about this:

In 1893 the ratio was 4 (non Hawaiians) to 1 (Kanaka Ma`oli):
  •  ALL had the opportunity to benefit from being part of America offered! Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Caucasion, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. all moved forward with opportunities that would've NOT have been available to them in their HOMELAND!
  • MOST Kanaka Ma`oli moved forward, als! They became landowners, started businesses, continued their education and became an integral part of the new nation
  • Unfortunately, a lot DID NOT! The blame should be shouldered by them and NOT anyone or ANY ENTITY!

July 1, 2017

Hawai`i ruined by "Rich, Greedy White Americans"? Think again! Who really "owns" O`ahu?
Click Here!

I posted this on Facebook, this morning . . . the response was awesome! Out of several hundred "Likes" there were only a few that disagreed and spouted the "same old activist rhetoric"!

We keep on hearing about the "Illegal Overthrow" by America in 1893! Also, the "Illegal Occupation" by the American Military! I can see if we were talking about "Russia" (did you know that there is remains of a Russian Fort on Kaua`i - built during the time when Russian had designs on taking Hawai`i)! Isn't America, ALL of us?

How many of us have served in the US Military or have friends. relatives, etc. who have served or are still serving? American is NOT an individual entity, AMERICA IS ALL OF US!!

We are a democracy and are ruled by the MAJORITY! In Hawai`i, the MAJORITY of us DON'T have Hawaiian blood! In 1893, the Queen was overthrown with the "help of America"! Remember now, the ONLY lands that were taken were the Queen's lands, the Crown Lands, the Ceded Lands! America did NOT take any other lands, including those of the "lesser Ali`i" and their descendants of Kamehameha`s army! They did NOT take "OUR" land (those of us descended from the defeated Ali`i) because we didn't have ANY LAND! Only the Monarchy and Kamehameha's descendants had that! - they took ONLY the Ceded Lands!!

America did NOT do to the Hawaiian people what they did to the American Indians! ONLY Kamehameha I did that! in 1810, Kamehameha OWNED ALL OF HAWAI`i and he did what he wanted! Up until 1893, his descendants did the same! By that time, land owners also included the lesser Ali`i as well as other races: Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiians, Caucasions, Portuguese, etc. Their land was not taken, only the Crown Lands were!

If it had been Russia, ALL of it would've been taken!!

A few lines of the first Hawaiian Constitution of Kamehameha III:

"God hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the earth, in unity and blessedness. God has also bestowed certain rights alike on all men and all chiefs, and all people of all lands.

These are some of the rights which He has given alike to every man and every chief of correct deportment; life, limb, liberty, freedom from oppression; the earnings of his hands and the productions of his mind, not however to those who act in violation of laws.

God has also established government, and rule for the purpose of peace; but in making laws for the nation it is by no means proper to enact laws for the protection of the rulers only, without also providing protection for their subjects; neither is it proper to enact laws to enrich the chiefs only, without regard to enriching their subjects also, and hereafter there shall by no means be any laws enacted which are at variance with what is above expressed, neither shall any tax be assessed, nor any service or labor required of any man, in a manner which is at variance with the above sentiments."

Sounds to me like Kamehameha III was already firm in his association with America! The above closely resembles parts of the US Constitution.

Don't be a "Blind Follower"!! Be a leader of your Ohana and Social Circle!!


Al . . .


June 13, 2017

Today, I will furnish you links that will enable you to access information on the following:

1.  Kamehameha, The Founding of the Hawaiian Kingdom - Click Here!

The continuing legacy of Kamehameha and his descendants. Click Here!

3. Do we only blame "Rich White American Companies" for what's happening in Kaka`ako? What about those who sold the land and are  still in business with the developers?
  • How about the Ward Estate? Click Here!
  • Campbell Estate has sure profited, over the years, and still is! The Great Divide: Click Here!
  • Damon Heirs to Get $500M: Click Here!
Remember now, MOST of us are descendants of the "Conquered" people on Mau`i, O`ahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kaua`i and Ni`ihau! Kamehameha, our "Conqueror" owned ALL of the land in 1810 and did what he wanted with it! Subsequently, his descendants have done the same! We have been guided and influenced, for generations, by them!

Why else would we celebrate and honor someone who killed THOUSANDS of our ancestors in his quest for more land and to increase his mana? Like the United States, Kamehameha "illegally overthrew" the existing Monarchy! But, unlike the "Illegal Overthrow" of the Kamehameha Monarchy by the United States, NO ONE was killed!

Most of those who live in these Islands do NOT have Hawaiian blood! However, our ancestors (I am Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino) have been here for ONE HUNDRED YEARS+! Being American has enabled us to do what we need to fulfill our lives and those of our families! What would it have been like if the we were still a Monarchy? The "Monarchy" is prospering, today, as you can see by the "Links" above! Would the lives of the rest of us and our families be like what we have today?


June 1, 2017

This is the first line of the First Constitution of Hawai`i in 1840. It uses the terms: "one blood all nations of men" & "all people of all lands"

"God hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the earth," in unity and blessedness. God has also bestowed certain rights alike on all men and all chiefs, and all people of all lands.


The nationality or political status of persons ancillary to the Hawaiian Kingdom are termed Hawaiian subjects. The native inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands became subjects of the Kingdom as a consequence of the unification of the islands by His Majesty King Kamehameha I at the turn of the 19th century. Since Hawai'i became constitutional, foreigners were capable of becoming Hawaiian nationals either through naturalization or denization. Under the naturalization laws of the Kingdom, foreigners who resided in the Hawaiian Islands for at least five years could apply to the Minister of Interior for naturalization.

According to the last census report done in the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1890, it listed the population of Hawaiian subjects at 48,117. Of this population the census listed the aboriginal Hawaiian at 40,622 (84.4%) and those Hawaiian subjects of foreign ancestry at 7,495 (15.6%).

In order to assist individuals of foreign ancestry here in the country and abroad in determining their Hawaiian nationality, the Hawaiian Kingdom Government is publishing on our web site sections of the registry of naturalized subjects, circa. 1840-1893, from the Hawai'i archives.

If you are a direct descendant of someone who was naturalized in the Kingdom, then you possess Hawaiian nationality, unless shown it was legally extinguished.


May 24, 2017

Hawaiian Cultural Beliefs, Traditions & Customs
Separating Fact From Fiction - By Peter Apo

As I have said before, MOST of we Native Hawaiians on Mau`i, O`ahu, Molokai, Lana`i, Kaua`i & Ni`ihau are DESCENDANTS OF THE DEFEATED ALI`I!! What does this mean? It means that 200 years ago we were "disenfranchised", EVERYTHING belonged to Kamehameha!

Subsequently, over the years, to this day, it is Kamehameha's descendants who profited immensely. Google "Campbell Estate", "Ward Estate", "Parker Ranch", "Abigail Kawananakoa", "Bishop Estate", etc. Also, you will find that these entities: 1. Started because of direct inheritance as a descendant of Kamehameha. 2. others with either a purchase, gift or marriage into Kamehameha's family for certain lands!

I am tired of constantly hearing about the "Rich, Greedy White Americans" who despoiled these Islands! Look up, also, those "Rich, Greedy" Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese land owners who did the same thing: built businesses, developed housing, etc. which provided jobs and a lifestyle for ALL of us in these Islands! We all know how well Kamehameha's descendants have done. At least, as Americans, a lot us who are "Native Hawaiian Islanders", have also prospered!

The descendants of Kamehameha you will see when you research it, have done very well! If the Monarchy was still in place, they would still have what they have! What about the rest of us? To answer this question, "Google "Tahiti", "Samoa", "Tonga & "Fiji" and you will find that they are "3rd World Countries" with most of the "Native Polynesians" living in poverty! The Maori and Hawaiians are the two Polynesian Cultures that are not "3rd World" casualties! Why?The Hawaiians because we are Americans! The English could not defeat the Maori, so a peace treaty was signed, giving the Maori land and and also a part in the government!

Think about it! Why was there a "bloodless coup" in 1893? It seems to me that if the "overthrow" was that unpopular, that there were enough people that would've stood up to the "Sugar Barons"! Don't you think that not only "rich, greedy White Americans" supported the "overthrow" but, also most "Native Hawaiians (most of whom were descendants of the defeated Ali`i) and also the Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, etc?



May 3, 2017

This video I saw the other day convinced me that I had to say something! Click Here!

I am NOT disputing that there was an “Illegal Overthrow” of the Hawaiian Monarchy! Think about it . . . it was just another thing that happened in countries and to people all over the world! Except, for many, a lot worse!! For some reason, present day Activists seem to have "blinders" on and completely ignore what Kamehameha did!

The Monarchy was “overthrown” in 1893, less than 100 years before?! King Kamehameha conquered and “united" these Islands, of course! Unlike the “bloodless coup” in 1893, THOUSANDS of Hawaiians were killed because of ONE man’s wish for more land, power and the INCREASE OF HIS MANA!! This is a lot worse than what the "GREEDY WHITE AMERICANS" did in 1893! Look at what Kamehameha did and his descendants have done with "THEIR LAND" through the years! It's been much worse than what the "Rich White Americans" and the United States have done, PERIOD!!

Think about it! The "Rich White Americans" only wanted to keep what they had - Land that they had been given or purchased from the Monarchy and established businesses that employed thousands of Islanders! PLUS - it was not only them but others, as well: the Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. who also had extensive interests in these Islands that didn't want the Monarchy, either! Did you know that some of the biggest land owners in Hawai`i are Portuguese?

Currently, in Hawai`i, I see a “racial” dividing of our Islands! We have those with Hawaiian Blood and those without! A contingent of “Activists” that I call the “VOCAL MINORITY” have pushed for “Self Determination”, “return of the land that was stolen”, etc, etc, etc. What has always been surprising to me is that there are no groups of the descendants of the "defeated Ali`i" that are not filing claims against Kamehameha's Descendants for doing exactly the same thing that the "Rich White Americans" are accused of doing, and MUCH MORE!

Those of us, whom I call the “SILENT MAJORITY”, have been doing what we always do: going to work, raising our families, paying taxes, and keeping hawai`i going! We are happy and thankful that it was the United States that annexed us and NOT Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Japan, among others, who wanted Hawai`i. It was because of those “rich American businessmen and landowners” who had close ties with the US Congress that held off these other countries from occupying Hawai`i.

The #1 industry in Hawai`i is TOURISM - #2 is the MILITARY - #3 is CONSTRUCTION Think of the THOUSANDS of jobs these three industries provide! Jobs that enable us to buy homes, send our kids to school, travel and take care of our families and our future!

Unlike the “Vocal Minority” we, of the “Silent Majority” have kept “SILENT - DON’T WANT TO TALK STINK - DON’T WANT TO ROCK THE BOAT, etc!” We need to change that and “MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!” We need to educate our children, grandchildren, family, friends and the rest of we, "Hawai`i Islanders"!

GOOGLE: “Tahiti”, “Samoa”, “Fiji”, and “Tonga”! You will see that they are all “THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES”! Maori and Hawaiians are prosperi0ng today because the Maori are still part of their government and their homeland because the British signed a peace treaty with the Maori! Hawai`i has prospered as part of the United States!! I don’t want to be a “Third World Country”, do you??

If you research and read about who has occupied these Islands as much or even more than “Rich White Americans” and the US Military, you will see that it is “KAMEHAMEHA’S DESCENDANTS” and those whose holdings were started with either a purchase of land from or marrying into Kamehameha’s family. For more info: Click Here!

Everyone needs to:

These Islands were CONQUERED by Kamehameha making him the RULER and OWNER of the Islands! In other words, he could do whatever he wanted and did! Everything was his: the LAND, the PEOPLE and the RESOURCES! All of us have to realize that MOST (probably 90%, etc.) of us Native Hawaiians on Mau`i, Molokai, Lana`i, O`ahu, Kaua`i and Ni`ihau are DESCENDANTS OF THE DEFEATED ALI`I and, basically, had NO RIGHTS to CLAIM ANYTHING!! We didn’t have "ANY LAND that was taken by the United States"! That land that was taken belonged to the Monarchy (the Ceded Lands)!

In reality, we Hawaiians are NOT the "Indigenous People"! There was another group from the Marquesas that were here for HUNDREDS of years before the migration from Tahiti! PLUS - Kamehameha descended from a high chief from SAMOA! Although he might have been part Hawaiian, he was descended from Samoans, as well as some of his chiefs! Click Here!

The first Constitution of Hawai`i was written and introduced in 1840. The first line starts: "God has made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on this earth in unity and blessedness". It, basically, welcomed everyone to these Islands! I'm Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino! My wife is  Caucasian, my children are "Hapa"! ALL of these races were here over ONE HUNDRED years ago! Shouldn't all of these races be considered HAWAIIAN, or a least "Hawaiian at Heart"?!

A LOT of what we know and have learned to make us the "Hawaiians of today" all happened after we became Christians and Americans! Some groups are trying to take us back to the "old days"! If you don't want that and disagree, you need to look at all the options and decide, for yourself!

Think about it! Look at what our conquerors, Kamehameha and his descendants, have done since he “UNITED” these Islands! Click Here! PLUS – what about all the OTHER RICH LANDOWNERS & BUSINESSMEN: Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (some of the BIGGEST landowners), etc.

SEARCH, READ, LEARN & THINK!! Don’t be a “follower” and believe everything that others are saying! Be a LEADER, especially of your Ohana! GET IT RIGHT!! If we, the “SILENT MAJORITY”, don’t start speaking up and showing others that we are NOT part of the “VOCAL MINORITY” we will be sorry, especially our children, grandchildren and other descendants of our Ohana in the years to come!!

Mahaloa a nui loa,
Al Gonzales . . .


March 8, 2017:

A couple of days ago, I posted and article on whether or not those with NO Hawaiian Blood should be allowed to vote for OHA Trustees! The OVERWHELMING RESPONSE WAS NO!!

Obviously, this was a "knee jerk reaction"! Think about it! How many of us have spouses, relatives, family members, etc. who DO NOT HAVE HAWAIIAN BLOOD?

My wife, Jeanne Wilson-Gonzales graduated from Campbell High School! Her parents still live in Ewa Beach! She is a LOCAL HA`OLE WITH NO HAWAIIAN BLOOD!! However, she is the mother of  3 CHILDREN and and grandmother to 3 GRANDCHILDREN that have Hawaiian Blood! She votes for OHA Trustees because she wants Trustees that will DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!! She, like me, want our kids and grandkids to benefit from OHA! How many of you are in the same boat?

Look at OHA's record these past years - those in charge have, mostly, done what they wanted to do, pretty much unchecked!! How has this happened? How can people that do such a lousy job keep getting re-elected? It's because they have their "cronies" that keep them in office!

Finally, a lot of us who were fed up with the "same ol' same ol" did something about it! We got together and campaigned for Keli`i Akina for OHA TRUSTEE! A lot of this group DID NOT have Hawaiian Blood!! They were either married to, or were parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, etc., etc., etc. of those with Hawaiian Blood!! We want OHA to live up to the promise that we all expected, but been sorely disappointed these past years!!

Whether you like Trustee Akina or not, he is making some changes and exposing some of the things that have been ignored over the years! It's an uphill battle because the "Old Guard" is fighting him all the way! Why are they so afraid of a FORENSIC AUDIT if they have nothing to hide?

Another thing, OHA is a State Agency supported by TAXES paid by ALL of the people in Hawai`i! The only real beneficiaries of OHA are those with Hawaiian Blood. However, those who were born here and have lived here most of their lives are closely connected to some who have Hawaiian Blood! We must not forget about that! Working together, we can move into the future in a way that was intended - for ALL Hawaiian people, not just a few who have manipulated the resources of OHA to line their pockets and those of their associates!!


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